Assistência informática no Algarve, loulé - Faro Portugal.

Manutencão e Reparação de computadores, tablets, telemóveis e impressoras.

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Cell phone repair

We repair most of the mobile phones in the market, we can fix hardware and software problems.

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Reparação Mobile em loulé

Our team of technicians are able to repair a wide variety of issues, from hardware to software. If you have any problem with slow phone, broken screen, bad battery, broken camera, we can solve it. Do not hesitate to contact contact us, we are waiting for you.

Our specialties

Broken screens

A broken screen in addition to being annoying can be dangerous for you because it can cause you damage, such as cuts to your fingers, unexpected dust infiltration, among other situations, our technicians will therefore take care of changing your screen. the same day, if possible, so that you can start using it again, without problems or with risk of injury.

Water damage

Sometimes accidents happen, and if you dropped your phone in the water or got it wet it may have caused some damage, come and talk to our technicians and avoid possible damage that may appear or have already occurred. , we try to clean it and check if they have any internal water damage other than what is currently shown.

Speakers without sound

Sometimes over time your device's speakers start to break down and the sound becomes muffled, this may be due to the speakers having garbage covering the outlet, water residue which has become mold, or even weather. have stopped working, whatever situation you find yourself in, we will find the solution that best suits your situation.

No network signal

When your Smartphone has network signal problems it can be for several reasons, such as: damage to the SIM card, water damage in the system, whatever the problem, our team of technicians will fix the cause the same to give you your Smartphone back to normal.

Damaged buttons

A damaged or faulty button can cause your whole cell phone to not work the way you want it to and not have the experience you want, so our technicians take care to fix it as quickly as possible so you don't have to do without. your Smartphone for a long time, and not have to worry about it in the future.

Addicted to drums

Battery dependent is one of the most common issues in smartphones and our company takes care of replacing your battery with a new one so that you don't have any more issues with it so that you don't have to keep looking at the battery. percentage, so we're going to change it. your battery thus making the battery life like new.

Other Solutions

serviços de internet no algarve

Gaming & Custom computers

The best computer for games, 3D rendering, videos or design? We have the perfect solutions for you.

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serviços de internet no algarve

Backup & Data recovery

If you need to safely recover or back up your data, be sure to contact us.

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