Assistência informática no Algarve, loulé - Faro Portugal.

Manutencão e Reparação de computadores, tablets, telemóveis e impressoras.

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Loulé - Vilamoura, Quarteira, Algarve, Portugal | 8100-728, Loulé, Faro, Portimão, | Algarve, PT.

Your IT company in the Algarve

Provision of IT services and support

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assistência informática em loulé

#Pandemic | #Covid-19 | #Stayhome

In the context of a pandemic situation like in our assistants in Portugal and in the world, Johnstons Technologies - IT Solution at the top of our services in Algarve has ten of the current situation and all of the clients. Le reste pour notre informatique et notre informatique et professionnels de la gestion de réseau.


Reparação de Telemóveis no Algarve

Cell phone repair

We repair most of the mobile phones in the market, we can fix hardware and software problems.

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Serviços de Assistência Informática no Algarve

Portable & Desktop pc

We solve software and hardware problems on desktops and laptops.

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serviços de internet no algarve

Repair & Internet installation

We install and repair internet systems, if you need to extend your internet signal, we can be of help as well.

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serviços de internet no algarve

Backup & Data recovery

If you need to safely recover or back up your data, be sure to contact us.

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serviços de internet no algarve

Gaming & Custom computers

The best computer for games, 3D rendering, videos or design? We have the perfect solutions for you.

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serviços de internet no algarve

Printers & Settings

If you have a printer or other device and need to be configured, we can do it quickly and easily.

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Manutencão e Reparação de computadores

The IT solution
your business needs.

Backup e Recuperação de Dados

The security of your data
in our hands.