Assistência informática no Algarve, loulé - Faro Portugal.

Manutencão e Reparação de computadores, tablets, telemóveis e impressoras.

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Loulé - Vilamoura, Quarteira, Algarve, Portugal | 8100-728, Loulé, Faro, Portimão, | Algarve, PT.

Portable & Desktop pc

We solve software and hardware problems on desktops and laptops.

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Reparação Mobile em loulé

If your computer has a problem, you can count on us. Our team of technicians is specialized in the detection and resolution of hardware and software problems. If your computer shuts down on its own, it's slow, won't turn on, or even some parts departure thank you for contacting us.

Our Specialties

Virus and Spyware Removal

Few people have ever caught viruses on their computers, do not hesitate to contact our technicians to analyze your computer and offer a support service to it.

Formatting Operating Systems

Computers can begin to experience problems over time. The problems are diverse and there is not always a solution, as a last resort our technicians resort to formatting.

System and Component Cleaning

If your computer overheats it may mean that the cooling system is not working properly or has a program influencing it. Count on our technicians to detect and solve.

Software / Hardware Installation and Configuration

Our team is available to help you install and configure any type of application / software. We also provide help with installations and configurations with any type of hardware.

Informatica Security

Surfing the internet is not always safe, we can always find unexpected malware. In order to be able to surf in peace without fear of sharing your personal information, our technicians take care of your computer solution.

System optimization and error correction

Is your computer running slow? Perhaps some programs are conflicting or even a program that you have already uninstalled has left unnecessary files behind. Our technicians are able to correct and optimize the system.

Hardware diagnostics

If you think that something is not right with your computer hardware such as noise, overheating, etc. you can contact us and our technicians will find the problem and fix it.

Updating Drivers and Systems

In some cases, the malfunction of a computer is due to the fact that it is out of date. You can contact us for any updates to the drivers and or the system.

Other Solutions

Reparação de Telemóveis no Algarve

Cell phone repair

We repair most of the mobile phones in the market, we can fix hardware and software problems.

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serviços de internet no algarve

Backup & Data recovery

If you need to safely recover or back up your data, be sure to contact us.

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